Xbox Games with Gold Announced for March 2015 w/ an April Surprise!

Today, Microsoft announced that their Games with Gold for March will include 3 games.  For those of you who haven’t already played the reboot to Tomb Raider are in for a great surprise.  Xbox 360 owners can look forward to the acclaimed reboot starting March 1, 2015.  Following Tomb Raider, on March 16, 2015, Xbox 360 owners, will get there hands on another gaming jewel.  Bioshock Infinite will finish off the remainder of the month.  What a great choice for gamers and an opportunity for me to turn more of my physical titles into digital downloads.  I have noticed that ever since going digital on the Xbox One, using its switch abilities, I prefer it.  No longer have to worry about friends or family mishandling and possibly ruining some of the gamings greatest treasures.


Xbox One owners, will too have an amazing opportunity with Rayman Legends being made available for free to its gold members.  Rayman Legends is considered to be one of the best platformers ever made, and is a highly recommended addition to anyones library.  What do you guys think of the choices this month?  What would like to see offered next month?


That brings up a great point!  Next month, April 2015, Microsoft will be celebrating the nearly 2 years since introducing their games with gold program for its members.  The program has provided over 100 million downloads to its members since its inception.  In celebration for this accomplishment, Xbox will provide 2x the amount of games normally provided.  Yes! You heard that right!  Next month Xbox 360 gold members will receive 4 games and Xbox One members will receive two.  Thats great news!  And I can’t wait to hear what games we will get our hands on next month.  Till next time guys!

The original announcement can be seen at Xbox Wire, courtesy of the Xbox Wire Staff.



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