Xbox 360 Preview Program Announced – Inital Invites Being Sent


Great news last night! Xbox users may want to check their inbox!

Larry Hyrb, aka Major Nelson has taken to his blog to announce the new Xbox 360 Preview Program.  Initial messages have been sent out, inviting members into their newest program.  You may have been selected already because of your experience with the Xbox One program.  While others may have to wait until a later date or, if its anything like the Xbox One, a friend invites you.  You will be receiving the invite through the Xbox live messaging system.  If you are selected and this is from my own experience, only join if you intend to be a proactive user and give real feedback.  Helping to make the user experiences even better across both platforms.  Microsoft and Xbox have made it a point to interact with its community regularly by getting us involved.  They are reaching-out, interacting, asking and even answering questions.  Making the Xbox consoles a very unique option.  Both consoles are continually being upgraded and that can help everyone.  In a sense, we are helping to build the Xbox Live network into what we want it to be.  With the help of some of its brightest supporters, passionate gamer’s and of course the input from us, the best of Xbox.

Last night, Xbox’s Major Nelson made a rather interesting tweet. The Xbox One Preview Program is coming to the Xbox 360. Those of you who are interested in the details can find the link here, on Major Nelson’s blog.  He specifically states that this is only and just the beginning with lots of great things to come.  This will not download or update anything as of right now.  You are simply accepting the invite and enrolling.  Here are the steps to follow after receiving the message invitation:

1) Log into Xbox Live

2) Head over to Account Management in Settings

3) Choose/check your subscriptions/memberships – EA Access (if you’re a member), your Xbox Live Gold account and the Registration for the Xbox 360 Preview Program.

4) Accept Invite and Register your account – Following onscreen directions, accept and register your GT.

5) Next, Enroll your console –  The step above accepted and registered your GT.  Now enroll your console!

6) Done! – You should see a simple message stating that they will contact us/you when the update is ready.

Again, this is simply accepting and enrolling your X360 into the new preview program.  Again, notifying when the update is made available to us, the new X360 Preview Program members.  Thanks for coming by and make sure to share, like, follow, post, and/or Subscribe.   Or you can just chill or whatever else it is that you do!

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