is a subsidiary of B.o.B. Gaming and Entertainment, LLC.  In October 2012 our journey began as a simple discussion amongst friends and developed into B.o.B. Party Bus Entertainment, LLC.  Although, I owned and operated my own business, I felt a void in my life.  I realized my dreams and goals in life were not being met.  My passion in the gaming and technology fields were continuing to expand and it was only natural for me to start my own Blog.  Of course this meant having to learn fields I never learned in school. So here I am!

At I decided to take my business talents, college degree, personal interests, dreams, and passions and put them into a blender, so to speak. I feel as though I can provide people with the information in the digital world easily, ask me questions, join live chats and gaming sessions, give advice, and even make long time friends.  I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you and hope to provide things a little differently and from a beginners perspective.  I will screen capture everything from the easiest of setups to learning the most frustrating tasks.  All for you and for everyone else trying to accomplish the same thing.  I am currently working on bringing a new idea to the table and will be sharing with all of you guys soon.  Please like, share, and subscribe!  I’m always looking for collaborations, ideas, contributors, and anything else.

Remember this sites for us guys!  As of 2/22/15, my entire game collection was bought with my own money.  I do not currently partner with any devs or publishers and will be providing those steps as well.  I want a site free from hate and fanboys but know thats unlikely with the industries current state.  I’d love to hear from you guys and will be providing a link to see my collecton and request videos you may want to see.

I want to build this site from the ground up with all of you guys and would appreciate your input as to make this blog the best it can be.  I aim to share interesting news from the latest technology ideas, some companies you may want to watch, and a lot of technology, gaming, and entertainment news from around the world in one spot.  We know how hard it is today for readers to find a quality site or for them to separate the facts from the fiction.  Thats not our decision.  Thats yours!  We only provide our views from our own personal experiences with the game and will update you all further on how our game overviews will be handled.  Hint: Don’t look for spoilers, don’t look for anything of that sorts, just an honest reviews with video highlights demonstrating and backing up those feelings.  We understand that not everyone likes the same games and will ask some of you to contribute.  We all can do this right!? You see, here at RemotePlay, we hope to Bring Out the Best (B.o.B.) in Gaming, Tech. and Entertainment.


We know you got something to say! Say it!

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