Xbox and HoloLens games now under domain of ex-Lionhead boss (John Needham) | IGN Boards


Former Lionhead Studios boss John Needham is now in charge of internal development for several games and experiences on Microsoft’s Xbox and HoloLens platforms, a Microsoft spokesperson told Engadget today. Needham reports directly to Kudo Tsunoda, head of Microsoft Studios’ portfolio investments team and former creative director for Kinect Games. Needham took over as the head of Microsoft’s Lionhead Studios in 2013 and he’s been involved in the corporate gaming world since joining Sony Online Entertainment in 2001. As the leader of Lionhead, the studio behind Fable, Needham reported directly to former Microsoft VP Phil Harrison. Needham relocated to Microsoft’s offices in Redmond, Washington, for his new role.

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Microsoft Makes Moves With HoloLens Games | alistdaily

When Microsoft sees a hot technology, it wastes no time making strides on it. Years ago, it catapulted motion gaming with the introduction of its Kinect device; and now, the HoloLens, which was introduced earlier this year, is getting its full attention.

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HTC Partners with Valve – Announces HTC Re Vive VR Headset among others


Today, March 1, 2015, Chris Velazco (@chrisvelazco) for Engadget reports that HTC, will be making some pretty big news this year.  HTC announced their partnership with Valve and the creation of the HTC Vive VR headset.  It wasn’t the only device they showed off either.  Chris went on to mention that they previewed a new model HTC One M9 mobile phone and an exercise tracker the HTC Grip.  The Grip is their version of the fitness/exercise tracker.  HTC wants to expand their product line. and continue to offer high-end devices and extend them onto our heads, with full 3d room scanning.  HTC is gearing to take away some of the market share from its competitors, not only in mobile space but in areas others may have never seen coming.  By aligning itself with the big corporations, HTC hopes to stand apart.  Its interesting to find out that so many companies believe in AR/VR technology.  Are you just as intrigued as I am?  In recent years, breakthroughs in the production of microprocessors, has provided life changing innovations in the technology industry.  If you had the opportunity to change the world with a device, how would you do?  For more information, check out Engadget.  I highly recommend you read his articles on the matter and see what HTC has in store for our future., check out the links below!

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One 4 U

Source Material provided by Chris Velazco for Engadget:

HTC Re Vive VR Headset – Engadget Announcement

HTC One M9 – Engadget Preview

HTC Grip – Engadget Annoucement